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Overall Rating determines a player's overall playing ability. It's used by NBA, WNBA, and MyPlayers. Overall Rating is intricately linked with the Badges system.


Typically, legends like Michael Jordan will have unchangeable ratings of 99. Meanwhile, All-Stars like LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, and Stephen Curry will have changeable ratings into the high 90s.


When players sustain injuries, their overall rating is severely impacted, usually dropping by 10 points or more, depending on the severity of injury.


MyPlayers start with an initial overall ceiling of 85 with the max at 99. Despite these number, the starting level is much lower. VC must be used in order to increase a MyPlayers attributes, which in turn, increase their rating.


MyPoints are earned after MyCareer and Park/City games. This also includes the REC, and 2K Compete events. After earning a certain amount of MyPoints, the next level will unlock (85-86-87-etc) until the max MP level of 95 has been reached.


Most badges within the NBA 2K series are linked to level progression. For example, Hall-of-Fame badges on a low level character is rare, if not outright impossible.

95-99 Level Scale Change

From 95 to 99, MyPoints are no longer used and MyPlayers progression is based solely on their performance. It also uses a decimal system. For example, having multiple career high performances could increase from 95% to 99.9%. Off nights have the opposite effect.

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