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Kevin "Junior" Wright is a custom MyPlayer version of Junior who debuted in NBA 2K21, who played for the Newark East Eagles. His rival is Hendrixx Cobb, and his father was renown college player: Duke. Early in his high school career, and into the first year of the NBA, commentators continually make mentions to his father.

High School

Junior was known as a football player who started playing basketball after being recruited by high school coach, Coach Bishop. Shortly after joining the Newark Eagles, Junior showed promise as a basketball player, and was contacted by his father's long-time friend, Archie Baldwin.

Suffering a foot injury, he was able to win the game through relentless play. This showing drew a comparison between his father who had a 40 point game on a busted foot.

College Life

Freshman Year - 'Love 'N Basketball'

Junior attended UCLA. There, he met and befriend Red Thompson, who he also created a dynamic duo with.

He dated Ellie, a soccer player for the college, but a reserve on the national team.

The media also starts getting into his head, and he meets Alex Williams.

Junior and Ellie talk past each other in a conversation, leading to a heated exchange between the couple. In the end, Junior tried to smooth things over instead of the alternative: "Get triggered. Drop out of school, severely hurt your draft stock, and declare for the draft", but was told to go home by Ellie.

Later, Red laments that Junior's bringing the energy down and that he needed to do smooth it over. Finding Madison, Ellie's friend, Junior asks where she is. Madison tells him Canada.

Running to the station, Junior catches Ellie before she leaves on a train. Ellie explains that she was called up to the national team full time. When Junior asked if they'd ever see each other again, she remarks that if everything goes well, they won't. Before leaving, she tells Junior that he's a star, and to take Hendrixx Cobb down a peg.

After losing to Cobb in excellent effort, Junior and the UCLA bruins regather themselves to beat Oklahoma for the Basketball National Championship.

Junior then has a chance to declare for the draft or continue into his sophomore year. *Note that Sophomore year onward is only available in the next-generation version of NBA 2K21.

Sophomore Year - 'Talent & Leadership'

If Junior decides to stay for his sophomore year, the new season will open with an interview on Alex Williams' podcast, where Hendrixx Cobb is finishing being The Experience. She'll switch over to a stoic Junior and ask for his opinion about leadership. Junior tells her that his play will do the talking instead of being loud off the court. This statement is implied by Alex to be the wrong opinion, while Hendrixx outright tells him that he needs to take a louder stance on being a leader and social media in general. This sets up a rivalry between Junior and Cobb throughout their sophomore year, where it's heavily implied multiple times that Junior has "filtered" out the haters.

Because of a newfound confidence in Junior's play, plus his comments on Alex Williams' show, she starts being more negative toward his play, regardless if he played well. This comes to a head where Archie Baldwin confronts Williams about her comments, leading to a tense exchange between Junior and Archie, with Junior reminding him that she's "just doing her job."

The rivalry with Cobb happens twice, with postgame interviews happening after each match. Before the second match, Archie explains to Junior that Alex wants to interview him and Cobb again. Junior has the option to take it or not. This is the first time for the player to experience the "dialogue" options of NBA 2K21. His responses were recorded and allegedly would have an impact on his draft stock.

Junior, Red and the Bruins work their way to an undefeated season and a 2nd college championship win. After the championship, Junior is seen in a conference room with Archie Baldwin and the UCLA Head Coach. They all acknowledge that they've done "this" before, and that Junior ultimately has the say whether to declare for the draft or stay for his junior year.

If Junior decides to stay, the Head Coach is happily expresses the decision, while Archie is visibly upset and asks if it's what Junior wants. Junior will express that he's happy to stay and that he enjoys the program.

Junior's Year

Six month's later, the Head Coach is explaining to Junior that he'll be leaning on him as Junior takes on even more leadership for the year. Junior acknowledges this and they bump fists.

During the first game, the commentators comment on Junior's improved play and the larger leadership he takes being a more experienced member of the team.

Throughout the season, Junior and Archie discuss Junior's classes, with Junior half-jokingly saying he wants to understand everything when it comes to money. On one occasion, Archie brings up Ellie. Junior comments that they send encouragement texts to each other here and there.

During one conversation, Junior explains to an absent-minded Archie that he feels Archie's keeping him around until he makes it to the league. Junior, then explains his last visit to Newark, revealing that multiple people were coming up to him acting like his "best friends", and that many were asking for a handout. Archie apologizes and says he didn't know, and that it'll be handled. Junior laments that Archie should've already known.

UCLA is a three-peat champion. Junior's holding the cup; with a noticeable bug in the upper right hand corner. Credit: YouTuber Kevin A. Wright

A Junior-led UCLA team beats a Cobb-led Gonzaga team in the championship match of the College Basketball Championships.

Afterwards, the Head Coach, Archie and Junior are in the Coach's office going over returning for his Senior year, or declaring for the draft. They explain many player's draft stock's are severely hurt by staying in college. However, there're also players that end up going even higher than before by staying in college. They finish by saying they want Junior to stay with the bigger picture, but regardless, it's Junior's choice.

If Junior decides to stay, a similar interaction happens, where Junior tells Archie he's going to finish his degree.

Six months later, Junior is laying on a couch with his coach explaining that he's going to showcase Junior every chance he gets on the floor. This implies Junior now has full control of the team on the floor.

Senior Year - Accomplishment

Social media is abuzz with Junior's decision to stay, with Alex Williams riding him through multiple posts. Red Thompson, however, is excited to finish what he started with his teammate.

Archie meets with Junior at one point, with Junior thanking him for respecting his decision to come back. Junior comments that four years go by quickly, with Archie agreeing.

During another interaction, Archie explains that Junior needs to start thinking about the NBA Combine.

After going undefeated yet again and a 4th championship in the books, the team (plus Archie) celebrate Junior's commitment to the program, and that he got a college degree.

NBA Draft

Junior signs with VC Sports Agency. Due to his lottery pick status, Junior is able to bypass the combine.

Despite his performances and 4 national championships, Junior went 2nd in the NBA Draft, behind Hendrixx Cobb. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers.

G-League (next-gen only)

Junior is sent to the G-League to hone his skills. Here, he meets the Agua Caliente Head Coach, and the rest of the team, including Andrei Hagi, Shammy Wells, Sheldon Middleton, and Jackson Ellis, who quickly start joking with him. Junior's told that they want him to get them all the ball.

The team wins their first match, and Junior is given the nickname, "Soft Serve", afterwards by Middleton. Soft Serve comments that it won't stick, but ATM tells him it already has. Shammy Wells tell him to keep his numbers up.


NBA Rookie Year

Initially riding the bench, Junior was able to secure his spot on the Clippers. Hobb was traded to the New York Knicks in exchange for Bobby Portis.

NBA All-Star Weekend

Junior was given a bid to play in two All-Star Events: The Rising Stars Challenge, and the Slam Dunk competition.

He was awarded Rising Stars MVP. Hilariously, he finished last in the Slam Dunk Competition.

NBA Playoffs

Halfway through the Playoffs, commentators started calling him by his second, and more prominent nickname, Thunder, due to his dunks, which sounded like a thunderstorm. His dunks regularly gave his teammates confidence in their play.

Thunder led the Los Angeles Clippers to their first NBA championship, and was awarded Finals MVP.

NBA Offseason

Thunder influenced free-agency to acquire Giannis Antetokumpo and Anthony Davis.

NBA 2nd Year - Rise of an Elite Clippers Team

Thunder led the Los Angeles Clippers to an unprecedented and record-breaking season going 82-0.

NBA All-Star Weekend

Thunder was selected as an All-Stars Game Captain.

In his second year, Thunder was selected for three games: The Rising Stars Challenge as a 2nd year player, the Slam Dunk Competition (which he also hilariously lost), and the All-Stars Game. He was awarded MVP in both games.

NBA Playoffs

Their only loss came during the semi-finals against Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns. They won their 2nd straight championship.

He was awarded Finals MVP.

NBA Offseason

Thunder influenced free-agency to acquire Stephen Curry, Luka Doncic, and Kyrie Irving. The Clippers were unsuccessful in acquiring Hendrixx Cobb.

NBA 3rd Year - Thunder's Dominance with Clippers Elite

Thunder continues his dominance in his third year of the NBA.

During their third year, Thunder had a breakout season, accumulating multiple double-doubles, triple-doubles, and 40/50/60+ point games with several of these accomplishments overlapping. He was awarded Stat Leader for Scoring, and League MVP.

NBA Playoffs

Thunder and the Clippers battle hard enough to sweep every game of every round en route to their third straight championship.

NBA 4th Year - An Experienced Thunder

In his first game of the 4th season of MyCareer, Thunder led the Clippers to a blowout win in STAPLES Center.

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  • According to Numerology interpretation, 7 signifies the growth number of Kevin. It denotes a pattern that assists in growth and development: spiritual, intelligent, analytical, reserved, knowledgeable, mysterious, intuitive.
  • Junior and Cobb are always drafted by the same team regardless of draft stock, although continually bad play can result in Junior not being drafted.
    • OC note* Although Junior was able to bypass the combine, its a opportunity that I wish I could played in.