Jackson Ellis
No. 99 - Determinate
No. 1 - Greensboro Swarm
Nickname Your Rival
Position Determined by User Position (NBA 2K14-18)
Point Guard (NBA 2K19)
Personal Information
Nationality American

Jackson Ellis is a recurring character in the NBA 2K series. He has appeared in every game since NBA 2K14.


NBA 2K14

In NBA 2K14, Jackson Ellis is your rival throughout your career. Every time your teams face off against each other, there is a short cut scene between you and Ellis in which a challenge or bet is made. If you win the bet or challenge, Ellis would congratulate you on social media.

If you win Rookie of the Year, a cut scene shows where you were practice on a rooftop and he shows up and challenges you to a 1 on 1. The loser pays the other their salary. The same thing happens if he wins Rookie of the Year. If you win a championship, Ellis offers to team up with you. 

NBA 2K15

In NBA 2K15, Ellis has now retired from the NBA and now works for Nike and Jordan. Ellis represents the company by deciding when a player receives a shoe deal. In MyCareer, your character encounters Jackson after a game in the hallway. He then tells your player that he will be deciding whether the companies will offer you a shoe deal or not, depending on your play.

If you play well enough, you will eventually receive a shoe deal offer from the companies.

NBA 2K16

In NBA 2K16, Ellis appears as an optional connection for your off day connections. By choosing to spend time with Jackson Ellis more and more, you would receive more beneficial unlocks for your MyPlayer.

The connections unlocks for Jackson Ellis are as follows:

  1. Fan Bonus 100,000
  2. 500 VC
  3. Signed Jersey for MyCourt

NBA 2K17

In NBA 2K17, Ellis appears as a contact on your phone. Ellis will occasionally text you to congratulate you on a good game or to invite you to an event.

If you decide to attend these events with Ellis you will receive fan bonuses, extra VC and pictures of you and Ellis together at the specified events. Jackson will eventually give you a signed jersey which will be hung upon the wall of your MyCourt.

NBA 2K18

In NBA 2K18, Ellis seems to be retired of Nike and Jordan brand or got fired, but still won't let the basketball environment go as you can find him right around the corner as a police officer and has no part in My Career at all.

NBA 2K19

In NBA 2K19, Ellis returns as a point guard and one half of "Smoke and Mirrors" with Sheldon Lou "ATM" Middleton for Greensboro Swarm against you (AI) and Tatum on your G-league debut.


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