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Badges are an attribute and gameplay mechanic in the NBA 2K series, introduced in NBA 2K15. They replace Signature Skills and function in a similar matter, governing player personality and granting players certain special abilities and advantages. They are utilised by NBA players, WNBA players, MyPLAYERs and in NBA 2K21, MyTEAM Players.

Badges are divided into two categories: Personality and Skill. Personality Badges determine how players respond in certain situations, while Skill Badges grant boosts such as increased shooting percentages, the ability to better dodge picks, greater chances of stealing the ball, and so on. Beginning with NBA 2K17, each MyPLAYER Archetype has its own specific Badges that can be upgraded using Virtual Currency, though players can also earn the lowest tier version of a Badge (Bronze) by performing the appropriate in-game tasks. Badges have four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame; HOF badges will successfully activate multiple times during games.

Gaining & Using Badges

Regular NBA players are assigned Badges based on their real life abilities. In MyCAREER, users must perform specific tasks (ie. hitting a certain number of shots, performing a move a set number of times, and so on) to unlock Badges at the Bronze tier. In NBA 2K17, Badges that are associated with a MyPLAYER Archetype can be upgraded from Bronze to Silver and from Silver to Gold using VC. Performing the same tasks required to unlock the Bronze badge once it has been upgraded to Gold allows users to reach the Hall of Fame tier. Each level of Badge offers increased boosts. Personality Badges cannot be upgraded, nor can Badges that aren't associated with the skillset of a MyPLAYER Archetype.

Badges are utilised automatically in the appropriate situation, applying their effects to the user's actions. Badges can negate and decrease the effectiveness of one another; for example, when a player with a Dimer Badge is being guarded by an opponent with a Defensive Stopper Badge, the bonuses granted by the Dimer Badge will be reduced.